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Expert Dating Tips For Woman

  • 3 Steps to Dating Success
    Two young people dating

    You may think dating is a hassle or terrifying, but it can be fun and totally worth it when you meet the right guy! It really just boils down to how you view the dating process. If you are like most people you want to find a date that will be fun and will have a great time with. This will be very difficult if you don’t know who you are really looking for. After you clarify what you want it is time to start looking!

Best Ways To Meet Men

  • 5 Places to Meet Men
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    If you are seriously looking for a loving and committed relationship, you need to do more than just find members of the opposite sex. You need to find the type of man you are actually looking for. So, use this list of 5 great places to meet the man you have been looking for. Before you get started make sure you know what you really want in a man!

How To Get A Man To Commit To You

  • What Do Men Want?

    During my time running the dating service and coaching clients, most men who came to me asked to be set up with attractive and fashionable women. After analyzing each date and their final matches I realized what was really important to men, a great personality. This was especially important for the older men, as younger men typically have less dating experience and rarely have previous failed marriages.