3 Steps to Dating Success

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You may think dating is a hassle or terrifying, but it can be fun and totally worth it when you meet the right guy! It really just boils down to how you view the dating process. If you are like most people you want to find a date that will be fun and will have a great time with. This will be very difficult if you don’t know who you are really looking for. After you clarify what you want it is time to start looking!

Follow these 3 steps and start dating right away.

1. Play the Numbers Game – Go on as many dates as you possibly can. If you are prioritizing your love life you should have at least two dates every week. Ever heard the story about kissing a frog before you meet your prince charming, well here it is in real life.

It is very unlikely your perfect match was your first kiss when you were 10 years old, or your college boyfriend. Like anything else in life finding love doesn’t come easy. Work for it as you would anything else! Just remember how fulfilling it will be in the end when you find a great relationship.

2. Be Open to Possibilities - Stop limiting yourself! Open your age bracket, date someone short if you only date tall guys, date a red head if you’ve only dated brunettes. Whatever it may be just let it go and give yourself a chance to meet someone. Too often we limit ourselves in dating and other aspects of our lives, but it’s our choice, so make the choice to be open to any chance.

Let your friends set you up on blind dates, try online dating, go to singles events, whatever you want to do. If you are unsure of someone give them a chance. Not every date will be amazing, but look at it as a good time whatever it may be and know you are always one step closer to meeting the man you’ve been looking for.

3. Keep a Positive Attitude - If you dread each and every date you go on no one will see the real you. Your negative attitude toward dating will sway your attitude on each and every date, in this case you have already ruined your chances of getting date number two. You always want to show yourself in the best light possible and to do so you must have a positive attitude!

People want to surround themselves with optimistic people, so go for it! Remember that every date is an opportunity to have a good time whether you meet the man of your dreams or not. Now get out there!

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