What Do Men Want?

During my time running the dating service and coaching clients, most men who came to me asked to be set up with attractive and fashionable women. After analyzing each date and their final matches I realized what was really important to men, a great personality. This was especially important for the older men, as younger men typically have less dating experience and rarely have previous failed marriages. However, older, more experienced men know that physical attraction alone doesn’t make for a lasting relationship. They know the importance of compatible personalities.

So, what do men want in a woman’s personality?

1.  Self-confidence. This is by far the most important trait to have. What men want are genuine women who aren’t afraid to be themselves. You have to have a strong sense of your identity and the confidence to show it off.

2.   Charm.  The way you hold yourself and your general demeanor are much more important than looks.

3.   Creativity and imagination. Keep a relationship exciting by engaging your creative side.

4.   A sense of humor. Don’t be afraid to laugh and have a good time on dates.

5.   Honesty. Men are attracted to women who have integrity and the ability to be honest with them.

Don’t cancel your gym membership or trash your expensive hair products just yet; good looks help to get the attention of a man. But looks aren’t everything that men want. If you want to have short-term, casual relationships, physical attraction will do it. But if you want to keep a man committed to you, you need to have both a great personality and good looks. Figuring out what makes your personality attractive isn’t as easy as hitting the salon or the mall. You have to take an honest look at yourself, and come to know who you really are.

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